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      Albert was not there. All the better! Reuben strode up to Tilly, unaware of how terrible he looked with the traces of his battle not yet washed from his face, and banged the papers down in front of her."Aye, Sir Treasurer, thou hast reason to sink thy head! Thy odious poll-tax has mingled vengeancenay, bloodwith the cry of the bond."

      In May people began to talk of a general election; the death of Palmerston and the defeat of Gladstone's Reform Bill made it inevitable. Early in June Parliament was dissolved, and Rye electors were confronted with the postered virtues and vices of Captain MacKinnon (Radical) and Colonel MacDonald (Conservative).

      "My friend," said Manlove; "it matters little now whether you agree with your brethren or not, the woman is at this moment dying! The verdict is, therefore, of little moment to hershe can never be brought into court to receive judgmentguilty or innocent, the law can have nothing to do with her; but I would advise you to look to yourself, you will not be released till she is dead. Your brethren are accustomed to fasting, but you look ready to drop from your seat: and, if the woman linger many hours, you will certainly be guilty of felo de se.""Wot about this gal he's married?"

      Wells paused a moment, and then added

      His victory was complete. He had done all that he had set out to do. He had done what everyone had told him he could never do. He had made the wilderness to blossom as the rose, he had set his foot upon Leviathan's neck, and made him his servant for ever."Then the child is born?" asked De Boteler.

      The farm men came tumbling from the attics"Whur, m?aster?"

      Chapter 16


      "I do not understand your one thing or your other thing;" answered Turner"but I know this, that we have paid the tax, and that we will pay it no morebut as for touching what belongs to the London folksI'll tell you what, if we do set fire to London, by St. Nicholas! if I see my own son Tom taking a penny's worth, I will fling him into the flames!"


      He fixed his fine eyes on the fire, and became so like the figure of Jonah in the stained-glass window that Alice almost felt herself in Nineveh."Can't you mortgage?"


      The Tories were not to be beaten in invective, and posted Rye with enquiries after the Rabid Hybrid or Crazy Captain: