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      He eloped with a chorus girl.

      The prisons were thrown open, the Directoire was far milder than the Convention, pardons were obtained in numbers, especially by Trzia, who, when she could not succeed in saving persons in danger in any other way, had often risked her own safety to help and conceal them.

      This was one of the best prisons, but during the six weeks before Thermidor even this was much changed for the worse, brutal ruffians taking the place of milder gaolers, and food unfit to eat being supplied.Shortly after this he called upon the Comte de Vaudreuil at Versailles one morning just after he was up, and confided to him a financial scheme by which he expected enormous profit, ending by offering M. de Vaudreuil a large sum of money if he would undertake to make it succeed.

      She spoke in the inflated style of the time, which belonged especially to the ranting, extravagant, theatrical phraseology of that strange collection of individuals who now held supreme power in the country so recently the most civilised and polished in the world.

      I also met there a compatriot, who had got permission to go to The Netherlands, but declined to leave. She was Mrs. de Villers, ne Borret. On August 27th I wrote about her to De Tijd:

      "Captain Count Von Schwerin, 19. 10.'14."In the native town, on a tank in front of a temple, a raft was moving very slowly. Under a dazzlingly gorgeous canopy stood an idol of gold, covered with garlands and jewels. A dense crowd, white and fragrant with jasmine and sandal-wood, stood about the sacred pool and on the steps, and bowed reverently as the divinity floated past.


      Amongst many other acquaintances they found the excellent Duchesse dOrlans, already widow of the infamous galit, who was very ill and had a wretched bed. Mme. dAyen gave her her own which was better and nursed her, while Louise took care of her grandmother night and day, made the beds, and washed the plates and cups.The servant who came to tell me that dinner was served went barefoot, like all native servants, in spite of his liverya sash and a shoulder-belt arranged over the Indian costume, and bearing the arms of England, and a monogram placed in his turban.


      "I have not used the word 'steal' at all, but let me explain the matter."It was necessary to settle the succession to the estates of the Duchesse dAyen, and it was impossible to arrange this without the meeting of the family. The Vicomte de Noailles was in America, the Marquis de Thsan in Germany, Mme. de Montagu was on the list of emigres, and could not enter France. Her part of the inheritance had been confiscated, but M. Bertmy, the old family lawyer, had bought and transferred it to the rest of the family, to be given her in better times.


      Living with Sallie and Julia is an awful strain on my stoical philosophy.