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      "It is better to be master than slave," Marvor said sullenly."Not at all. They say as sometimes blind folk are unaccountable good at music."

      "Well, I should say there was something to stop for," answered Shorty, as they arrived where they could see, and found the whole country in front swarming with rebel cavalry as far as their eyes could reach.

      "You'll git tired o' this soon enough," said Si. "It's awful nice for a change, but I don't want it to last long. I want to be able to git up and git out. I hate awfully to have women-folks putterin' around me."

      It was the last general "Taps" that mighty army would hear for 100 days of stormy battling."Lucky we dudor we'd have bin in tedious heart about you, away all night."

      "What in the world's the matter?" asked Si, rushing up to them in dismay.The musketry fire continued fitfully around the mill in the distance.

      "But you're so vulgar!"

      No, friends, you do your own thinking and you figure out whether they liked being free, these servants.


      Little Pete's Horse Bolts. 169


      "All right," Dodd said. "I'm here, aren't I? You've convinced mestop the propaganda."


      "If we leave here," Dara said, "why think of a smaller rule?"