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      There came a modest knock at the door as he spoke.

      Well, shes been like a mother to me, at any rate. I couldnt have been better nursed if Id been at home at the[33] Manor; and I must have given her a fearful amount of trouble. I was off my head for some time. Andand, Miss Howard, speaking of that, II wanted to ask you something.

      This was how the end camesuddenly, painlessly. She died like an infant falling asleep.

      Rosalie de Grammont survived her for thirteen years, and died at the age of eighty-fivethe last of the five sisters.

      It was stupid and ungrateful of me not to remember you the other night, she said. Will you forgive me, Miss Chetwynde, and let me thank you again? I know you saved me from what might have been a very serious accident.


      The doctor seemed to be inside a long while; but presently[28] he came out, and, in answer to Esmeraldas questioning eyes, said, with a nod:


      Not all at once, said Lord Norman, smiling. In fact, he never leaves Belfayre; and Trafford, when he isnt there, has rooms in the Albany and dines at his cluboff the joint.


      THE society of the Palais Royal was at that time the most brilliant and witty in Paris, and she soon became quite at home there. The Comtesse de Blot, lady of honour to the Duchesse de Chartres, was pleasant enough when she was not trying to pose as a learned woman, at which times her long dissertations were tiresome and absurd; she was also ambitious, and what was worse, avaricious.