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      "Certainly," returned Calverley, coolly, "unless you prefer a gallows for your wife. But I dare say you would rather see Mary hanged than that old witch! I will leave you to manage the matter between yourselves."

      Caro, regardless of the suet on her hands, hid her face in them.

      The next minute Reuben had pulled on his trousers and was out in the passage, shouting "Fire!"

      "Probably his Grace was ignorant that the prohibition was recalled?"

      "It's silk!" said Caro in a hoarse whisper.They accordingly withdrew from the chamber, and, in the court-yard, were joined by Holgrave. "Did the baroness take the gloves?" he asked.



      Holgrave, struck with awe, relinquished his hold, and Black Jack and his jurors instantly fled.


      Robert felt warm and glowinghe had enjoyed that dance, and wished he could have danced with Bessie. Perhaps he would dance with her some day.... Behind him, the creak of Harry's fiddle sounded plaintively, with every now and then a hoot from the merry-go-round. The dusk was falling quickly. Yellow flares sprang up from the stalls, casting a strange web of light and darkness over the Fair. Gideon Teazel looked like some carved Colossus as he stood by the roundabout, his great beard glowing on his breast like flames ... behind, in the smeeth of twilight, with the wriggling flare of the lamps, the lump of dancers did not seem to dance, but to writhe like some monster on the green, sending out tentacles, shooting up spines, emitting strange grunts and squallsand at the back of it all the jig, jig, jig of Harry's tune.She could scarcely frame the homely words. For some unaccountable reason she felt afraid, felt like some poor creature in a trap.