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      Oh, Trafford! she said, with a catch in her voice. Howhow ill you look! Why have you come? Isis Esmeralda ill? Do you want me? She has sent for me?

      And youd better keep your mouths shut about her till we turn up. Off you go, Johnson! Come down to the camp when youve put your horses up. The boys will want to see you.


      They could have done so, yes, said Varley. Dogs Ear is growing clever. But I suppose it is off now? They know you heard them?

      Whatwhat jewels will you wear with this, my lady? asked Barker.

      He was right; he had found them together.He felt her sigh.


      Call him in, she said in a whisper. Offer him supper, a drink.


      He was silent for a little while; then he was evidently over in Australia; and he rambled on about nuggets, gold-dust, and placers. Suddenly Esmeralda was startled by hearing her own name.


      For Gods sake, be silent! he said, almost fiercely. What is done is done. You know how necessary, how inevitable it was. You yourself advisedyes, drove me tothe[153] doing of it. Do not make my duty harder and more difficult than it is.